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Dirty Sexy Politics

Dirty Sexy Politics - Meghan McCain I started reading Meghan McCain's column in the Daily Beast after I saw her on either Colbert or the Daily Show about a year or two ago, and when I saw that she'd written a book about her experiences on the campaign trail, I was eager to read it. I wasn't disappointed.

I like Meghan McCain; I don't always agree with her, but I do always appreciate her point of view and really wish that everyone was as reasonable as she is. That's in general; for the book specifically, I liked that, but I also liked the fact that she didn't try to skew her accounting of the events to make herself look better. She was candid about some of her more embarrassing moments on the trail, and about being unreasonable in certain situations. She also didn't pull any punches when she gave her impressions on others (though she did change a few names)--I liked seeing her honest opinion, and it never felt like an attack. I also liked the insight into her family, and ended up with a lot more respect for her father.

I really liked this book. But then, I really like Meghan McCain. If you don't, you might not enjoy this as much.